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Elliott & Harrison Sub SubDv.

33615 Zip Code

The sale provides an excellent opportunity to acquire a strategically located corner lot along the centrally located on Oslin Street and Sanford Drive and is located right behind the Colony Crossing shopping center. This is an ideal location for residential development of 6 units or less, as well as places of worship, adult and childcare facilities, a liquor store or even a fire station with many local households and businesses nearby which include schools, daycares, grocery stores and restaurants. Demographics : There are approximately 20,000 households within a 5 mile radius This property does have a wetland in which the seller has already done all of the due diligence to determine the possibility and price to mitigate. This will be at the buyer's expense, but all updated reports and data on the wetland will be provided to the buyer for investigation.

Oslin Street, Tampa