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The 4 MOST Underrated Communities in Tampa Bay!

As we travel around Tampa Bay every week hanging out with awesome people one of the most interesting things is how so few people ever leave their little 3-5 mile comfort bubble! Lol

On an annual basis more than 10X our local population comes here to visit, crazy right! Meanwhile, we are always looking to travel and explore new places, but we can probable name a few dozen places you have never heard of and you live here.

It is time to support local in a whole new way! Learn, Eat, Drink, Get out, Go explore your back yard. Every one of our communities has so much business development taking place between innovation and hospitality we are about 2 years away from a pretty crazy make over…Yes…Even Ybor City!

Here are 4 communities that we feel are a bit underrated and are really freakin’ awesome!


It’s been called funky, eclectic, artsy, charming, progressive, welcoming, warm, and yes, even weird. No chain stores, No parking meters. Just small-town warmth and people as friendly and welcoming as they come. This place is filled with unique, independent shops and boutiques offer the work of local artists as well as apparel, books, gifts, home décor, antiques, bath, body and wellness products and much more.

There’s always something going on here.

Visit a selection of artists and crafters, from breathtaking to funky, on the first Friday and third Saturday of each month for our popular Art Walk. Beach Boulevard’s trees are lit up, shops and restaurants are open late, visitors and locals mingle on the street, and that “only-in-Gulfport” energy ebbs high.

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Dare we say our favorite community to hang out in? Dunedin has everything we love about any corridor through out the bay. Beaches, Parks, tons of delicious (well priced) restaurants and drinks, super friendly people from all over…must we go on!

Why not! Golf, coffee, pastries, tons of festivals and markets, easy access to the Pinellas trail, 7 breweries, 1 distillery, and pure awesomeness.

If you have not been here in a any amount of time longer than 60 days get it on the calendar 🙂

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The southernmost end of St. Pete Beach. Historic Pass-A-Grille is a quaint, laid back beach town where you can park your car and walk to the beach, boutiques, ice cream shop, outdoor art market, restaurants, tennis courts and fishing piers.

One of the most chill spots in all of Tampa Bay most never venture too since the signs when you get over the bayway point you north to the beaches. Take a ride, hit up Brass Monkey, and enjoy a sunset.

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Safety Harbor

Now this is an area where we grew up and worked for years so it is cool to see how much everything has transformed. More festivals, more food, even a brewery! Not as many of the old  played out spots the development just keeps on going.

Take a few hours out of your weekend and explore something new! 🙂

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