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Translate Live – Developed in Clearwater, Seen at 2020 CES

வாவ்…Нічога сабе… Guau… Beeindruckend… The dialog from a bar scene in Star Trek? Could be, but, way closer to home in time and space! TranslateLive, producers of a futuristic device reminiscent of Spock’s universal translator, is actually a Clearwater start-up making waves in the communication world.

Founded in 2018, TranslateLive has developed a comprehensive software and hardware solution which facilitates live, face to face, translated conversation with anyone in the world in over 120 languages and dialects using either the Instant Language Assistant device, or any smart phone, computer, or braille display. Wow!

Happily, the Instant Language Assistant doesn’t take Spock to operate, and is easy to use, even for those visually and/or hearing impaired. There are two basic ways to use the system. First is the Instant Language Assistant, a two-sided tablet device shaped like a small sandwich sign that can sit on a desk, each side, (10”x 5 1/2”) facing a person. Simply speak or type into the device, and the text will then instantly appear to both users in their chosen language, or choose text to speech and both text and spoken word will be provided in the users chosen language and dialect. This feature allows you to see your own speech to text so you can verify the accuracy and, if needed, you can correct it by re-speaking, spelling the word(s) out loud or typing. There is also the ability to access a live interpreter right on the device. Alternatively, with the second method, a subscriber can send a link to someone via computer or smart phone to initiate the conversation with either of those devices.

The travel, business, and social interaction uses for this system are limitless. These capabilities have opened instant communication to those visually and hearing impaired, within their own language, and with people of different languages, by supporting external devices such as keyboards, braille displays and hearing aids, along with access to existing free TRS services provided by the FCC. The ILA should prove to be very helpful for medical and other official social uses since all conversations are encrypted, private, and HIPPA compliant.

The Consumer Technology Association has awarded TranslateLive a winner of the 2020 Eureka Park Accessibility Contest for providing truly unique, innovative, and creative technology solutions focused on quality of life issues enabling people of all ages and abilities to live independently.

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