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Tampa Bay Has A Secret “Lab” To Make Your Business Succeed

When you hear the term “think tank” you probably think of large corporations, secret research lairs, or some top secret government building.  Collaborative Labs at St Petersburg College blows away all of those stereotypes with its strategic planning group right here in Clearwater. This cutting-edge program specializes in strategic planning sessions and facilitates organizational problem solving for businesses all over the country. Their program can be a real game changer for the companies they serve, and Collaborative Labs makes it accessible to medium and large-sized businesses. Additionally, the for-profit organization helps fund many of St. Petersburg College’s non-profit activities.

They help companies take their visions to the next level. In the 15 years that Collaborative Labs has been at St Petersburg College, the team has serviced more than 2500 companies, nonprofits, government organizations, and municipalities.

“Our clients typically come to us either spending weeks and months to try to put together their own plan or they hire a consultant who they then have to train all about their business/organization in order for the consultant to help them develop a strategic plan,” says Laurie Hill, Branding and Business Development Consultant. “When using Collaborative Labs, we are able to use the expertise of the staff at the business/organization but facilitate them through an entire plan in only six hours! It is a win-win!”

“We just hosted a function for Suncoast HR for their annual expo where we showcased some of our services such as visual illustration and polling technology that helped the non-profit to get some real time feedback from the audience to improve the services they are providing their members,” continues Hill.

Here’s how it works: When you partner with Collaborative Labs at St Petersburg College you gain access to SPC’s state-of-the-art facility, complete with touch screen LED monitors and exclusive software that allows everyone to work collaboratively in real time. You also gain access to an all-star team with a wealth of expertise in strategic planning, collaborative problem solving, and creative business solutions. They will facilitate meetings that empower stakeholders to reach consensus, unify shared visions, and work together toward a common goal. They even have a mobile program designed to bring all the lab has to offer to companies all across the country.

Move over think tanks, this is the real deal.

Visit to get started today.

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