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    20 AWESOME Breakfasts Around Dunedin :-)

    By Admin |

    One of our favorite 3 meals of the day, lol we love to explore the town. Dunedin is filled with some absolutely lovely little spots with big flavor. Check them out and let us know what was your favorite. If we missed any of your loves let us know! Cafe Alfresco– 344 Main St, Dunedin,... Read More

    11 of OUR FAVORITE Places to Watch the Sunset on Clearwater Beach

    By Admin |

    It is not too hard to find a nice spot to enjoy the sunset at Clearwater Beach, but here are some of places we like to post up for a bit. Most give you a little elevation, but others are just nice spots to hang out. Warning- Once you experience a Clearwater Beach sunset there... Read More

    8 of OUR FAVORITE Breakfast Spots on Clearwater Beach

    By Admin |

    We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but when you are at Clearwater Beach it even more critical to have something delicious to get the day started. Why? Because you never know what you are gonna get into! :-p You may end up on a boat partying with a group... Read More

    22 of the SWEETEST Bakeries in Tampa Bay

    By Admin |

    There must be some people out there with a sweet tooth! 😛 Beware of the delicious calories consumed on this pastry, bread, cookie, and cake expedition through out some of the best Tampa Bay Bakeries. Warning- You may gain a pound or 2 just looking at all these tasty places. If we forgot your favorite... Read More

    12 Awesome Kid Friendly Adventures

    By awesome |

    Sometimes it is tough to find fun stuff for both the kids and the adults, BUT we have you covered. Check out 12 awesome things you can get into with the whole fam. 1) Big Cat Rescue– The largest big cat sanctuary in the world. It is awesome! 2) The David L. Mason Children’s Museum–... Read More

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