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Check out Some NEW Small Biz Funding Options

Let’s face it: everyone needs a little help when it comes to getting a business off the ground. That’s exactly why Tampa Bay Black Business Investment Corporation (TBBBIC) launched CATCH (Coachable, Action-oriented, Timely, Collaboration, Helpful)Started in 2016, the mission of this 15-week small business training program has been to provide economic empowerment, offering classes ranging from time management, and tax preparation to agenda planning.

While the program is expansive, educating students on all relevant skills needed when launching a business, financial education takes center stage. The reason for that? It’s one of the most imperative– and lesser known — topics with new entrepreneurs. CATCH provides an array of experts and CPAs to train students on everything from balancing the books, payroll, and income statements.  

And since the Tampa Bay BBIC provides a full lineup of services including helping you secure a business loan —  not to mention has greater discretion and often has lower rates and fees than loans obtained by businesses through conventional means — it almost acts as one-stop-shop.

“Tampa Bay BBIC helped get us the funding we needed to acquire critical equipment during our initial growth phase,” said ____________?_________ of 3 Vets, Inc. “We will continue to rely on their guidance as we expand our brand through national franchising within the next few years”

Currently, thanks to increased funding and demand, Tampa Bay BBIC is able to offer up to eight CATCH programs every year.

Business and entrepreneurs looking to get started should apply today to join the next group of CATCH participants by downloading an application at

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