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Google Supports Clearwater Tech Company

This Clearwater-Based Invention, You Now Know 100+ Languages

Since the universal language isn’t always flirting, there’s now TranslateLive: an application that, as the name so aptly implies, translates conversation in real time; in more than 120 different languages and dialects.   Best of all, each person uses their own device so they can be in the same room or half-way across the world.

And did we mention it was invented right here in Clearwater? That’s right, founder Peter Hayes — a Gulf Coaster himself — is behind this revolutionary invention backed by Google Cloud, that’s even provided free credits so people can try it for free while both he and Google’s engineers continue to develop a better product.  

Here’s how it works:

  • Each account (sign up is FREE!) comes with a configurable code and web link
  • Invite, share text, post or publish the link and anyone can join the conversation by clicking the link or entering the code on (no app required)
  • The other person will pick their language and instantly join the conversation via browser
  • Start chatting! Both people can speak, spell or type text which is instantly translated and shown or spoken to the other person in real time.
  • Participants can be located anywhere – next door, next office, next country – anywhere in the world

The best part? This doesn’t stop at just one-on-one conversations (whether it’s on the phone, over text, or in email) with your non-English speaking grandmother or Uber driver. Think much more global than that.

This problem-solving system can be used for businesses and call centers, allowing them to take orders in any language; not to mention, webcasts, corporate trainings, effective communication between patients and hospital staff — even for ordering room service in a foreign country. Essentially any and every situation in which you wish you had subtitles.

Peter is also the creator of VTCSecure, which also uses Google Cloud Platform to provide a revolutionary solution for communicating with the deaf and hard of hearing; breaking down barriers and makes communication easier. When Peter was installing Video Relay Service (VRS) setups for Fortune 500 companies and government offices, which allowed the deaf and hard of hearing to communicate with hearing individuals via sign language, it hit emotional chords with the employees. One particular female staff member started sobbing, explaining to Peter that because of the invention, she was able to effectively communicate using American Sign Language for the first time in 25 years.

And all of these translated conversations take place precisely as it’s happening. In short, there will never be a language barrier again — because thanks to TranslateLive — you are now fluent in, well, everything.

Visit to learn more, and get to chatting in a new dialect (for free!) today.

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