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Clearwater’s Business Community Gets Amplified!

After decades operating independently, a merger has unified two Clearwater organizations and connected the beaches to the mainland business community. The Clearwater Regional Chamber of Commerce and the Clearwater Beach Chamber of Commerce have joined to become Amplify Clearwater.

We have had the pleasure of working with Amplify Clearwater CEO, Amanda Payne, and we could not be more excited for what is to come.  Although former Chamber CEOs Darlene Kole and Carol Hague have retired, the remaining administrative teams of both organizations remain fully intact.

Payne, the newly installed board of directors, and the staff have outlined 4 pillars of focus moving forward into 2020 and beyond.

[box] Engage: “It is our mission at Amplify Clearwater to create a stronger, more dynamic and prosperous business community.”[/box]

[box] Envision: “When we imagine the future of Amplify Clearwater, we see an organization that ignites creativity, celebrates diversity and spurs innovation….and drives a CLEAR  vision for the future.”[/box]

[box] Educate: “At Amplify Clearwater we believe that by tenaciously advocating for the needs of businesses and their employees, we can increase economic opportunity throughout the region – and improve our community’s overall well being.” [/box]

[box] Experience: “Amplify Clearwater promotes our region as a welcoming destination where visitors can explore and experience the area’s beauty and sun-drenched hospitality. Through projects, initiatives, events and our welcome centers, we connect tourists to our member businesses while promoting the community.”[/box]

Businesses can look forward to more opportunities to leverage resources and collaborate with one another than ever before. Residents can expect a more organized, singular voice in government discussions like zoning, transportation, and other civic driven initiatives.  We are excited to see how Amplify’s 2030 plan and the city’s Place Making initiative will benefit each other. As each organization continues to make strides towards their respective goals we hope the community will naturally begin to get more accomplished with less resources.

Tourism development will thrive more than ever before. With over 15 million visitors annually, the former Beach Chamber’s small staff was limited in their ability to engage with visitors while also enhancing their experience. A larger staff working towards common goals will allow the organization to take advantage of larger grant opportunities and better implement program strategies. Under the direction of Executive Vice President Kristina Alspaw and the rest of the incredible staff, the visitor and resident experience throughout our award-winning community will only continue to flourish.

Buckle up for a more authoritative voice speaking up to improve the community for businesses, residents, and visitors.

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