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Reduce Your Family’s Carbon Footprint: Join the city of Clearwater’s FREE Composting Program

2020 is the perfect time to learn how to reduce your family’s carbon footprint. The pandemic has afforded many of us more time to be home and focus on the important things, like family and projects that we have been putting off. If you’ve wanted to focus your efforts on being a better steward of our planet, the city of Clearwater is making that goal easier for its residents.

You may not know that almost 30% of your household trash and yard waste is compostable. Organic waste has a “circle of life” responsibility on planet earth. Once food and other organic materials are consumed or cultivated, the remnants should be returned to the land to create nutrient-rich soil, ensuring that more healthy landscapes and vegetation grow. At least, that’s how it works in environments that aren’t disrupted by construction….roads, buildings, landfills. As humans who consume these organic materials, we need to understand our responsibility to the longevity of our environment, and composting is a step in the right direction.Clearwater compost

The city of Clearwater is offering residents within the city limits a free composting bin and an easy (FREE!) step-by-step course on how to compost. This is a tremendous learning opportunity for kids and adults alike. Think science projects and real-life math lessons through composting basics (all composting requires specific percentages of three basic natural ingredients.) Additionally, you’ll be taking a healthy step forward in reducing your family’s human-made greenhouse gas emissions which accelerate global warming. On top of all that, your family can feel good about helping meet the goals of the city’s Clearwater Greenprint plan toward greenhouse gas reduction. You have to start local to make a global impact, and compost is magic. Leave it to the city that claims one of America’s Best Beaches to understand the importance of sustaining the beauty that surrounds us.

Standard FAQs are answered on the city’s website including questions you may already have like “Is composting stinky?” “Will composting attract bugs and rodents?” “Is it easy to do?” The answer to all of these questions depends on if you do it right. And the Clearwater Create Compost program explains how to do just that.


There are free composting containers available at the city through end of December 2020 for Clearwater residents living inside the city limits; first come, first served. Monthly live Q&A sessions are available for all participants, and more fun community engagement events are in the works to ensure a successful community Green Initiative. Enroll in the free course here.

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By Jodi McLean

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