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A More Eco Friendly Clearwater is Coming!

Clearwater’s new Sustainability Coordinator aims to reduce green house gas emissions. Sheridan Boyle has experience with implementing sustainability programs and raising awareness for the environment, a resume that will help the City of Clearwater accomplish their long- term environmental goals.

Boyle hopes to assist the development of alternate transportation options while also working with the city’s Planning and Development department to make Clearwater more bike friendly. The city currently has over fifty solid waste vehicles running on compressed natural gas, and Boyle plans to work with the city’s Fleet Manager to achieve even lower emissions by adding more hybrid and electric vehicles.

While the city has maintained a contract with Honeywell to increase the energy efficiency of many of its facilities, Boyle hopes to further energy savings by partnering with additional organizations. One such group in consideration has partnered with the Pinellas County School Districts and saved them over $20 million in energy costs over the last five years.

Her plans to boost local urban agriculture will decrease the need for food transportation by offering local produce and will allow for more local job opportunities. Boyle is currently scouting locations for a pollinator patch trail and is planning workshops to inspire locals on healthy initiatives, at home composting, and home gardening.

Boyle will also promote green jobs by connecting new businesses with local green certified
organizations and is working on a “Green Guide” to distribute to Clearwater businesses.

Sheridan Boyle’s ambitious plan aims to keep the City of Clearwater on track with their 2007 goal to reduce emissions by 25% by 2035.

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